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Digital Level Topcon DL-502/503

Ditambahkan pada : December 6th, 2015
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Electronic Digital Level DL-502/ 503

Product Brochure

* One Button Triggers Measurement and Data Storage
* 0.6mm/ 0.8mm Height Accuracy
* Advanced RAB Code Technology
* Pre-installed Measurement Programs
* Height Difference Measurement
* Inverse Staff Reading for Ceiling Height
* Internal Memory

Electronic Digital Level DL-502/ 503
Simple Button Operation!

After focusing on the staff, just press one button. The DL-500 reads height and distance,

and stores data. Digital technology eliminates misreading and reduces operator’ s eye fatigue.

Staff reading with conventional Optical Levels

Staff reading with the Digital Level DL-500

“ Wave-and-Read” The World’ s First Technology

DL-500 tracks the RAB Code staff waved back and forth, and automatically reads the correct height.
The staff reading becomes the minimum when it stands vertically. The DL-500 automatically finds the least value of staff readings.
This world’ s first technology allows for error-free readings of waved staffs, while dramatically reducing operator’ s eyestrain.
High Accuracy! 0.6mm/ 0.8mm

Two models are available for different accuracy requirements.
DL-502: 0.6mm ( Invar staff) , 1.0mm ( fiberglass staff)
DL-503: 0.8mm ( Invar staff) , 1.5mm ( fiberglass staff)
Maximum Reliability! Field-proven Compensator

Incorporating field-proven pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system, the DL-500 provides stability you need when working on busy roads or bridges subject to vibrations.
Measures Ceiling Height! Inverse Staff Reading

RAB Code staff can be read in inverse position. This feature dramatically facilitates height measurement of ceilings, tree branches, road signs, bridges, tunnel crowns, and other structures.
Practical measurement Programs! No Need for Calculators

Onboard programs support various measurements such as elevation, height difference,

ceiling height, as well as cut/ fill and stakeout in horizontal distance.

Calculates elevation of foresight ( FS) with reference to the backsight ( BS) elevation.
Elevation of turning point ( TP) is used for a new backsight, allowing for consecutive leveling.

Cut and Fill
Cut and fill stakeout facilitates slope works. Measurement can be taken with 0.1mm or 1mm ( 0.001ft. or 0.01ft.) resolutions.

Height Difference
Automatically displays the height difference between backsight ( BS) and foresight ( FS) in 0.1/ 1mm ( 0.001/ 0.01ft.) unit.

Ceiling Height
Two measurements provide a ceiling height; one with a staff placed on the ground
the other with an inverted staff put onto the ceiling. Elevation of ceiling can also be calculated with reference to the benchmark elevation.

Internal Memory and Easy Data Transfer!

Internal Memory and Easy Data Transfer!
DL-500 stores up to 2, 000 measurement data. The “ DL-500 TOOL” software

transfers data to a computer in CSV format.
DL-500 Series Specifications
DL-500 Series Specifications Telescope DL-502 DL-503
Magnification 32X 28X
Objective aperature 45mm ( 1.78in.) 36mm ( 1.42in.)
Resolving power 33 3.53
Field of view 1° 20”
Minimum focus 1.5m ( 5.0ft.)
Image Erect
Stadia ratio 100
Type Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Working range ± 15’
Height mesurement
Accuracy ( standrd deviation for 1km double run levelimg)
Electronic reading
Invar staff 0.6mm 0.8mm
Fiberglass staff 1.0mm 1.5mm
Optical reading 1.0mm 2.0mm
Measuring range 1.6 to 100m ( 5.3 to 328ft.)
Measuring time
Fine 3 sec. ( single/ continuous/ average)
Tracking 1 sec.
Least count 0.0001/ 0.001m, 0.001/ 0.01ft., 1/ 8in.
Minimum brightness condition 20lx. at the staff surface
Distance measurement ( D= measuring distance)
Df10m ± 10mm ( ± 0.4in.)
10m ± 0.1% × D
50m ± 0.2% × D
Least count 0.01/ 0.1m, 0.1/ 1ft., 1in
User interface
Display 128× 32 dot matrix LCD with backlight
Keyboard 8 keys ( 7 on front panel, 1 on side panel)
Cricular level sensitivity 10’ / 2mm
Mesurement program

Single / Continuous / Average / Elevation / Height difference / Cut & Fill / Stakeout distance
Data storage
Internal memory 2, 000 points
JOB Max. 20 jobs
Data output format CSV

Water resistance IPX4 ( IEC 60529: 2001)
Operating temperature -20° C to 50° C ( -4° F to 122° F)
Storage temperature -40° C to 70° C ( -40° F to 158° F)

BDC46B ( Li-ion battery, 7.2V)
Operating time Approx. 16 hours
Weight ( including battery) 2.4kg ( 5.3 lb.)
Size 257( D) × 158( W) × 182( H) mm ( 10.1× 6.2× 7.2in.)

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